Monday, November 5, 2012

"Santa" Cones

These were Pinterest inspired. Pretty easy to make. I took 3 paper mache cones, spray painted red. While drying, I cut my shiny black paper to fit as the belt for each santa. I also cut the fluffy white beard like fabric for the base of my santas. Once my cones were dry, I adhered the white to the bottom using a hot glue gun. Next was the black belt, also adhered with a hot glue gun. I added my rhinestones for the belt buckle using tacky glue. And, to top it all off, I used hot glue to stick 1 cotton ball to the tops. See, easy peasy and cute.
The tray I had found at a garage sale for $.50, can you believe it? I took it apart and spray painted it a shimmery red. I will be filling the tray with ornaments surrounding my Santas. I need to get to the dollar store to buy some tomorrow :)

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