Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lite Up Christmas Presents

Hello ~ I saw a similar project on Pinterest and just knew that I had to try this! I've taken several pictures and will label them by the steps taken to make this project. I LOVE how they turned out but I do need to add another layer of the silver fabric to the smaller present as it is a bit too see through for me but I ran out of fabric :) These boxes are 12" x 12" and 9" x 9". I have a 10 x 10 to finish...
 1. Here is the material that I used to create my "box". 2. I cut 2,  9" x 18" pieces to create a 9 x 9 box. 3. I folded each one in half and then re-opened  4. I laid one on top of the other overlapping by 1 row of squares

5. I used zip ties to connect the pieces, one on each end. 6. I then folded what I had connected
to meet the other 2 loose ends, again overlapped by 1 row of squares and zip tied those together

7. I used my hands to create sharp creases on all sides to form the box shape. It still seems wobbly at this point but it gets better. 8. I cut 2, 10 x 10" squares to form the top and bottom of the boxes. 9. I zip tied the top of the box (much sturdier now). 10. I began to fill the box with 100 clear lights, I used zip ties and zip twists to hold the lights on all sides and top of box. 11. secure the bottom of the box with zip ties. Plug in your lights to be sure they are spaced how you want them. 
Now your box is ready to wrap.

I chose 2 fabrics for my boxes. I wrapped them like a present using a hot glue gun to hold it all down. I then used a glittery red mesh to cover my red fabric to give it more shine and as I said, I will be adding another layer of silver fabric to my smaller present and I also have a 10x10 present that still needs to be wrapped :)
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The Gaudy Girl Exchange said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I absolutely love this. I wanted to do my own Christmas decor this year and this was one I wanted to try.... this is absolutely perfect. I'm going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!