Monday, November 5, 2012

"Fake" Gifts for Decorations

I love to recycle/up cycle used items. I made these fake presents, to use as decorations around my house, out of old boxes. One was a gift box, 1 was a box that my Stampin 'up stamps came in and the other was a Tissue box! I found this Fluffy, yummy fabric at my local craft store in the scraps pile. I measured each box and then cut 2 pieces of fabric for each box. I hot glued 1 piece to the box (leaving the bottom plain) and then glued the other piece to the opposite side being careful to cover all areas of the box. Once the fabrics were on, I chose ribbons to decorate and complete my wrapping. I am an awful bow tie person so escuse the look of that part. But I do love how these came out. The pictures dont really show how fluffy and fun the texture of the fabric is.

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The Gaudy Girl Exchange said...

Oooh , more ideas! these are very cute!