Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garage Sale/Goodwill Makeovers

So, I haven't been crafting much over the summer which is normal for me. But, I have been spending time at garage sales and goodwill picking up pieces that I knew would make good projects. Most of the "ugly" candlesticks and "horrible pictures frames were bought for .25 each, a few were .50 and a couple at $1.00  So and all I may have spent $5.00 to create these amazing projects.

Once I had my goodies, I wanted to continue to keep my costs down so I only used supplies that I already had on hand. I used spray paints and glues that I already had here at home. So, my first step was to "piece" my pieces together. Once I decided how everything was going to go together, I chose what paints I would be using.

Next, I took all picture frames apart and cleaned all the pieces up. Then I used primer and then began the painting process. Once the paint was dry, I used E6000 to glue my pieces together.

Here are some of my final projects. A few of the picture frames, I painted the glass with chalk board paint to be used for writing messages on.

I also used a few of the candle sticks to place glass jars on for candy dishes.

All in all I am very happy with my projects ~ I took me 3 days to complete them all and now I can redecorate! Thanks for looking :)



jordanbev5 said...

Wow! Wonderful makeover of old objects!! Great job!

Pink Cricut said...

Awesome Makeovers!! Very inspiring!