Sunday, February 5, 2012

Made my own Candy Stands for a Candy Bar

I have been busy, busy, busy planning a baby shower for my daughter. We will be having the shower in May so I have been busy designing the decor (pictures of paper craft items to follow). I have decided to have a candy bar at the shower. My first step in this process was to go to Goodwill and buy salad plates and margarita style glasses. I scoured the isles and found all of my pieces at  $0.49 each! Next, I bought spray paints to match my color scheme, some spray primer and a strong adhesive for glass. I glued the pieces together first, once dry I sprayed the primer and then once that was dry, I sprayed my desired color. DO BE SURE TO USE PRIMER as the spray will start to bubble or crack on the 2nd coats when applied directly to the glass. I just LOVE how these turned out. I have a few more to make but had run out of primer. I will make the remainder tomorrow.