Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Name Plaque "Wyatt"

Hello...I made this cute "surfer" name plaque for a pretty cool 6 year old boy. (He is the brother of Savannah that I also just made a plaque for) The cuts are all from Life Is A Beach cart. My delema was that my surf board was 20" long and I didnt have any 12 x 24 long patterned paper. So, I decided to piece it together by placing "masking" tape upside down on my mat, directly at the center location of my cuts, then I placed my paper down, pressing onto the sticky side of the masking tape. It all cut just fine and pealed off my mat while keeping the masking tape in tact. You cant even see any seams on my surf board or my waves! Fun project and we will be delivering them tonight!

Thanks for looking...


liz said...

looks great! you wouldn't have known about the paper if you hadn't said anything! But it's a great tip too!

Monica said...

Excellent.SURFS UP DUDE!